The Nothingness of Personality

Fiction 1968-

Panorama of a small wooden temple in a jungle clearing. At the highest point on the Chakoin ridge (2,700 m or nearly 9,000 ft), Indian Himalayas.
A small jogni (nature spirit) temple hidden away in the forest with these fascinating small silver handmade serpents (naags) on the door lintel. Indian Himalayas.
Himalayan farmhouse with squashes growing on the slate roof and marigolds running riot in the garden.
A simple irrigation technique. It is as if he is pouring the sky into the field.
The goddess Bagh Siddh, considered one of the most powerful deities in the Valley of Gods: details of the mohras (masks) of her image. Also, under the pearls at the top of the picture, a necklace of old silver George the Fifth rupees can be seen. Indian Himalayas.
The many reactions watching the Dussehra celebrations in the Valley of Gods, Indian Himalayas.
Happy Dussehra! The gods process up from the King’s palace to the Kullu maidan as part of the celebrations. Indian Himalayas.
The god Damaru Nag from Sainj on a palanquin amidst the traffic on his way to the Dussehra festival in the Valley of Gods, Indian Himalayas.
Pack horses descending through the forest. Indian Himalayas.
The festival of Sair celebrates the end of the monsoon and the giving and eating of freshly gathered walnuts is a traditional part of the occasion. Indian Himalayas.