The Nothingness of Personality

Fiction 1968-

Monsoon in the Indian Himalayas. Early evening near Jana, around 7,000 ft above sea level.
Group of women socialising on the wooden verandah of a Himalayan mountain house. Interior shows the traditional mud floor and walls.
The pagoda-style temple of Parashar Rishi hidden deep in the Himalayan forest, surrounded by a meadow of wildflowers. The temple is one of the finest wooden temples in the Himalayas and probably dates from the 14th century.
The god Triyugi Narayan processes in front of his devotees at a kahika ceremony in Diyar, Indian Himalayas.
Women giving offering to their gods at a kahika ceremony. Diyar, Indian Himalayas.
Sunshine and a thunderstorm create a very unusual light on the jungle forest of Paha Nala in the Indian Himalayas.
Oriental white-eye eating wild apricots. Indian Himalayas.
The first official monsoon rains hit the Western Himalayas.
Himalayan river pool in sub-tropical jungle. Titchi Nala, Indian Himalayas.
Wild apricots. Indian Himalayas.